It is my first time to go aboard for vacation, I think write it down in English will have special meaning and I dont care if here have many mistakes.

This trip spent me almost 21 days, and over 20 thousand RMB, because it include learning diving and pay for a guide. I'd like talk about this trip by some main topics below:

As capital of Thailand, this city looks old and poor, except its big and modern international airport. On the way from airport to khaoshan road by bus, I saw many poor and dirty house, it is for Thai masses. There have a little few high and new buildings, but Thai temples looked everywhere.

Khao Shan Road
Khao Shan road is a very famous place, maybe it is cheap for foreign backpackers. Here has many kinds of stores and hostels, and most western foreigners. The average price of hostel is about 120 RMB per day, but all the room is small and not good decorated.

When night coming, the street boiled. Western foreigners are everywhere: bars, 7-11, stores, and booths, everyday these activities are continued to 2 PM. or later.

Thailand is convenient for chinese. At first, many ATM support china union pay, it means that you can take Thai money directly by your chinese bank card, and the fee is only 10 RMB per time, so you dont need take some cash or US dollars then exchange them in Thailand. BTW, the currency between RMB and Baht(Thai money)is about 1:4.5, it means you can get 4.5 baht by 1 RMB.

'True Move' seems the biggest and best operator in Thailand, I used its mobile phone SIM card, it is more cheaper than China mobile. I can make a oversea call by their IP phone number '00600', it only cost 0.x RMB per minute, and Thai domestic call cheap more.

Many people wondering if Thai is cheaper than China, the answer is maybe. For example, Thai massage, fruits and room rent are cheaper than China, but some product like mobile phone, international brand clothes and some food are more expensive. And, western people will become little rich here, because the high exchange rate, but it is not same to chinese.

I had enjoyed very professional massage in Khaoshan road. Small store, very ordinary woman, but what is professional, it is! I cant describe what and how she done, but more comfortable proofed everything. And it is so cheap, only 30~40 RMB enough. I recommend Thai massage and foot massage, and notice that you should do it in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, maybe last one is the best.

Many fresh and cheap fruits is another reason for loving Thailand, it is too cheap, one piece 2 RMB, I tried pineapple and watermelon, the pineapple is very fresh and sweet, good taste without any acid, It is totally different from chinese.

Although 'tom yum Goong' soup taste good, you will sick if you eat it everyday. I think Thai food is just so so, most Thai food are same, they always mix pork, chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables, add some sweet, spicy and acid sauce, the meal is odd and quick to tire. So lucky there also have pizza, Mcdonald's, Subway and etc.

Some taxi drivers may let you dissatisfied, in China they called 'black taxi driver'. Same as Thailand, they prefer to make a fixed price instead car's counter, no doubt it will let you pay more money. Fortunately these drivers only stay close to the center street, you can get rid of them by walking a little far and then call a normal taxi. A interesting thing is, almost every taxi drivers or store seller seemed very like to speak two Thai-English phrases: 'same same' , 'up to you'.

I visited three red-light districts in Thailand. Two of them in Bangkok and one is called 'patpong', it has 4 streets, for sex show, commercialized sex, gay and lesbian. I was not go into the bar because I was scared, really. When you see many many ladies dancing then wave to you and say welcome, you dont know what will be happened, especially you dont know who is she or he.

In the daytime, 'patong' street In Phuket island is a very normal street, only few people walking and some bars have no customer. But when dark coming, here have many many people and only about sex. Here also have sex show and 'go go bar'(some ladies in it and you can pick anyone away). The numbers of visitors, ladies, and that kind of atmosphere, all better than patpong.

Some people are interested in lady boy. In Thailand, lady boy is regard as third gender, they are equal with others. In my opinion, though I dont like them, but lady boy is really poor. I saw a lady boy show when I sat outside the bar, the lady boy fished its penis out when the music playing 'I'm not a girl', funny and sad. So, the work of most lady boy is sex show or other dancing show, and they aslo support sex service. They like say hello to asian, someone told me japanese is their customer, because japanese cant identify they are lady boys.

I learned diving in 'khao tao', a small island, it spent me 7 days and about 5000 RMB. Finally I got PADI open water and adventure open water certified, so in future I can dive 30 meters deep and do night diving and etc.

The course is very hard and painful to me, it need do many tasks and practices underwater, even in swiming pool I also felt nervous, maybe I had bad body condition those days. I suspended my AOW(adventure open water) course because my ear had some problem, they ached because I had not do good pressure balance underwater. Frank talk, I panicked at deep diving course, I thought I was dying when I went down 26 meters deep underwater, my coach swam so fast and I cant catch her, then I felt my heart beat violently and I was afraid I would shock, then I decide to quit this course and go up, and you know, so I can write this blog now.

I'd say diving is a most interesting thing, underwater you can see many kinds of fishes and coral, so close even you can touch them, weightlessness feeling and many other reasons let you like diving.

Thai boxing
Yes, I also tried Thai boxing. I bought 3 times for learning but I quit after second time.

First time, I flowed down the most sweat in my life, and second time, my sweat is 3 times more than first. How terrible it is! Even I cant do rope skipping for 5 minutes!

It's ok, I'll come back!

Bangkok, Khao Tao, Khao Samui, Phuket, Phang Nga
Above is my trip map, Phuket is the best of all, because Phuket almost has everything: beautiful beach, delicious food, comfortable and cheap hotel, many foreign girls, hot red-light district, and many entertainment places.

Khao Tao is only for divers;At Khao Samui you can have a rest, but it is all(I tried jet-ski there); Phang Nga is a tourist attractions, people can go there by ship; If have beach, more new buildings and a little cheap, maybe Bangkok is prefect.

It seemed Japan and Thai have very good relationship, in Thai cities, 95 percent cars are made in Japan, Toyota is most, second is Honda. I remembered, Thai driver must seat down the right side, they drive along left side, it is more unaccustomed to chinese and other country people.

And, 7-11 is everywhere, I never see so many 7-11, 3~5 7-11 stores are in the same street, even though the street is short.

In a massage store I thumbed through the guestbook, about 80 percent guests come from Australia, maybe it same as entire tourists of Thailand. Asia tourists, what I had seen most is singaporean, and then are japanese, korean and chinese, absolutely this is related to chinese holiday.

Many foreigners stayed in Thailand for many years, working or living, So many Thai learn English for their business. You can see English menu, post, newspaper and everything everywhere. But many Thai speaking Thai-English and have Thai accent, it is hard to know what is it. I asked a England guy, could he identify Thai people say '3' ? He said no, because the Thai's pronunciation of '3' is similar like 'tree'.

I was stimulated.
How many beautiful western girls in Thailand but nothing I can do?! Why? English!
If I know someday English is so important and useful to me, I must learn English harder than anyone from middle school.
So I write this blog in English, and make a decision: I MUST LEARN ENGLISH WELL!!!











这个是PADI OW的认证要求。